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Ever wanted to know what hiking 310 miles in Northern MN carrying all of your stuff on your back is like?  Grab your popcorn, because all of the SHT LASH episodes officially posted on YouTube this weekend!  

Are you dreaming of or planning a trip on the SHT?  Or looking for a new series to watch?  Here’s a handy link to the official YouTube playlist if you want to start from the beginning.  My hope is that these videos will be helpful to both Section Hikers and Thru Hikers and can be watched in any order.  If you are not planning a trip on the SHT, I hope they give you a smile or two.  Check ’em out and let me know what you think!

Keith Myrmel’s Full length map of the SHT and section maps

This series of 10 minute videos is intentionally organized by date and SHT map color for quick reference. Despite all of our fun and goofing around, there are stops into campsites to check out tent pads, hammock trees, latrines, notable conditions and other details that I wish I’d had a peek at before our trip.


I’m still learning the video editing process, but the videos are formatted for your smart TV and you don’t have to be a hiker to enjoy them. I highly recommend the Sea Plane video on a big screen…and check out ‘the aftermoth’ for a terrifying wildlife encounter and creative use of a Culo Clean backcountry bidet.

It was fun to relive my SHT LASH and finally finish editing one of my favorite sections:  the Teal Map.  Fall colors, rain for days, campsite reviews, robot arms, carnivorous plants, singing, packing out trash, laughing til I cried, mud mud mud, a wildlife encounter and ending the trip with a bang.

Check out this bad photo of my new Keith Myrmel map of the BWCA!

Although there are brand new adventures to look forward to in 2020, my heart still belongs on Lake Superior’s Shore

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Thank you and Happy Trails!


Before you go…

I finally got around to rigging my camera to my head.  So I’m wearing my beloved helmet on our dog sledding adventure in Northern Minnesota next weekend!  It feels goofy… but I also kind of feel like a super hero and my teenage sons approve.  I might just wear this rig EVERYWHERE!  Hit subscribe if you want to be notified when the freshness hits!



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