We hit the road at 7:30am, and three of us stopped in Two harbors at SpokenGear Bike Shop and Coffee for an early lunch.

1:30 Drop a car at Sonju

2:00 Temperance River State Park, we picked up where my sister and I ended our thru hike at 100 miles last year! ❤️. Ive hiked another 150 miles since then and it feels good to have the last 50 mile section in site. The teal map!

We started out big, hiking in light rain over the river and powering straight up the Temperance River gorge. Straight up!

So glad for rain pants.

6:00pm arrived at Fredenberg Creek

Maples are changing to fire red and orange. We are delighted to see the early splash of fall and the leaves are more vibrant when wet.

More light rain, and soaked feet

Pack started at 32 with 5 days of food, 1.5 L water and heavier rain gear, dropped to 27-when we left half of our food at Sonju. Planning on staying at a hotel thurs night. Heavy rain, wind and cold temps forecasted Thursday after a day climbing horseshoe ridge and George Crosby Manitou-a night to dry out sounds like a good plan.

Had a nice evening with our camp mates: Francois, Brian, Sherrie and Dave. The last two are a couple hiking for 3 weeks to celebrate their 40th anniversary!

My favorite part of the day was watching Dave hang his cool antigravity bear bag hang. Francois hung his bear bag above Andrea’s tent…

Dave also had a nifty boy scout beaded clothesline: I’m making one!

Stopped to smell the pines, eat a rosehip, and take lots of mushroom portraits. So good to be back on the SHT, savoring every bit.

Dinner: Carolines tacos w/fritos (from last year’s thru hike-still good!) and FANCY mighty leaf camomile tea.


In bed by 8. Light rain low 50s. Started reading a new book tonight THIRST by Heather “Anish” Anderson.

*NOTE: Im posting trail notes when we find service. For more photos, stories about the first 250 miles, gear and other trail shenanigans, you can follow along here and click the Superior Hiking trail tab at the top of the page. Thanks for reading and Happy Trails!


10 thoughts on “Superior Hiking Trail Teal Map| Day 1: Temperance River to Fredenberg Creek

  1. So cool that you’re starting your last section where you’re thru hike left off. Not sure if you planned it that way, but there’s no better way to end. And IMO, that very last section on the teal map from CR6 to HWY 1 is one of the prettiest… Fantasia Overlook is totally worth it. Enjoy and be safe.

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