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2019 was an amazing year.  We’re 2 months into 2020 and I’m still reflecting on it with a grateful heart and a big ol’ smile on my face.   Thank you for being part of it!

Since my last post, I’ve been taking a little time to do some housekeeping around the blog and set some intentions for the year.   Wandering Pine will continue to provide trip and trail clean up reports, Skills/Education, and Gear Reviews with some new adventures to hopefully inspire you to get outside!   Got question or suggestion for a post?  I’d love to help.  Shoot me a note in the comments below or contact me though my brand spankin’ new work with me page.

FE79CF0E-FE8B-4893-B817-06C36FEC11D2New Adventures!

This is the time of year when I usually work through trip plans; check over my gear, make adjustments and getting a little antsy for the seasons to change. If you have been following this blog for a while, you know that I have spent most of my trail time hiking in State and local parks and finishing the Superior Hiking Trail in sections.  Now that the SHT is behind me, it’s time for the next adventure!

This year, if all goes as planned, I will have 4 trips to the BWCA, all on foot in Winter, Spring and Fall (no paddle trip this time).  One of those trips will include a little glamping and dogsledding!   I also have a goal of hiking 100 more miles of the NCT to earn my 4th NCT 100 patch.  Our family has a couple of summer trips planned and I hope to finally get my new bike out for my first bikepacking trip!

IMG_8679What’s new on the blog?

I always want to be transparent…so here are a couple of recent updates:


    • I’m excited for the opportunity to partner with some really great outdoor gear companies – REI, Backcountry, Garage Grown Gear, Moosejaw, Enlightened Equipment, Kula Cloth, and others though affiliate marketing and running custom ads.  This is all new for me, I’m still figuring it out and I don’t expect to quit my day job anytime soon.  
    • What this means:  If you click on a link in a post and decide to purchase through that link, I will receive a small commission.  These funds will help cover the operating and upgrade costs of this blog at no additional cost to you.   If you don’t want to use them, by all means… please scroll on by.   But if you would like to use them, your support is sincerely appreciated!  I’m still figuring out how to place custom ads on this page so that there is a logical connection to the content and you get a heads up on gear deals (instead of that pesky toenail fungus clickbait ad that just won’t go away!).
    • Full transparency. I intentionally put my disclosure at the TOP of every post, with a link to a page of brand partners. This is so you are aware of these partnerships and can choose to opt in if you wish vs. calling it out at the end of the post after you’ve clicked on stuff.  Let me know what you think about that.  Annoying?  Helpful?  
    • Honesty.   Most of the gear I use and write about here are things I have purchased on my own.   Occasionally I receive free gear from sponsors, or for review purposes, but I provide my own opinions and do not recommend gear I would not use myself.

Work with me & About me Pages

    • I created a portfolio/media page that features the print and digital projects I’ve worked on and also highlights some of the the brands I’ve collaborated with.  I wasn’t sure about dedicating a page to these efforts at first, but it feels good to be able to look back with gratitude at these opportunities.  Want to work together on a project or idea?  Check it out and shoot me a note!
    • Also new around here, is an updated bio page with more info about me, how this space began, and my hopes for the future.

Expanded Channels

    • I created a YouTube Channel a little over a year ago, and started uploading more content last Fall after completing my big hike.  I’ve been thinking of doing a foot care video, maybe a lightweight packing demo?  Let me know what you want to see more of and be sure to subscribe to get updates.
    • I did my first podcast interview last Fall with ‘The Hike’ and I have another interview next week. This is a new for me, but I love sharing my story and am all about inspiring others to get outside!   I’ll let you know when it drops!
These are not my shoes

On a personal note

In addition to making some adjustments on the blog, I have been working on ‘being present’ during this season.   That means, less multi tasking, having dedicated quiet time every morning and being more intentional with my screen time.   This has helped re-energize my focus, given me more time for the things that bring me joy and has made me stronger.   This weekend I don’t plan on hiking, I’ll be spending it as a homebody, with our youngest son and editing the final episodes of the Superior Hiking Trail Teal map- (spoiler alert, there will be a lot of bloopers and SINGING!) If you haven’t caught up on episodes, you have time this weekend!  Watch for my first BWCA post with hopefully some dogsledding footage in a couple of weeks!

Thanks for reading and for all of your support!  If you like what you’re reading, like, share and drop me a lil note in the comments.   Got some big plans you want to share?   I’d love to hear about them.

Happy Trails!



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