Update on Hikers Rash and More Thru Hike Prep

The last two weeks have been busy, balancing work, family, making new gear, dehydrating food and a final thru-hike shakedown on the Superior Hiking Trail with an amazing group of women. I plan to post on our trip prep soon, but am starting with an update on my previous post about Hiker's rash.  It's neck and … Continue reading Update on Hikers Rash and More Thru Hike Prep

2017 Year in Review

On January 1st 2017, I started this blog, as a place to write about my outdoor adventures, learning experiences, failures and encourage others to get outside at any skill level. In 2017, I also challenged myself to ask, before starting or continuing various activities, "Does this make me feel strong? Or will this build strength?” … Continue reading 2017 Year in Review

Wandering Pine

Wandering Pine is a blog resource for hiking, gear reviews, health, and adventure. I'm a Southern California native, transplanted to Minnesota.  After decades of resistance, the land of 10,000 adventures has finally won me over.  Its beauty, especially in the winter is something I have come to love.  Hiking, backpacking, camping, snowshoeing, and basically any time … Continue reading Wandering Pine