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I’m a Southern California native, transplanted to Minnesota.  After decades of resistance, the land of 10,000 adventures has finally won me over.  Its beauty, especially in the winter is something I have come to love.  Hiking, backpacking, camping, snowshoeing, and basically any time spent outdoors is where I grow best.

Although most of these adventures occur in Minnesota, my love for the outdoors has brought me backpacking in Glacier National Park, Isle Royale National Park and paddling out in the ocean to sleep on an island for a week.  I’ve logged hundreds of miles and over 100 nights of camping in the last 4 years and recently did my first Kayaking river trip!  These types of adventures are fairly new for me, so I’m pretty stoked about the fun it’s been.

2016 was a year full of adventure and new hikes!  My goal in 2017 is to write these adventures down to keep myself motivated in the years to come and so others may use them too.  7 toenails and about 300 miles later, I am writing down the places I’ve been.  I also count bald eagles, so you’ll see a that too.

  • Completed the DNR 125 challenge. Hike 125 miles in State Parks to celebrate the 125th anniversary of MN State Parks.  link
  • Hiked 100 miles though National Parks and National Monuments to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service.  link
  • MN Hiking Club 75 mi patch link
  • Curesearch Ultimate Hike – 26.5 miles in one day on the Superior Hiking Trail to raise money for Children’s cancer research  link
  • Backpacked in Isle Royale National Park link
  • 111 bald eagles!

Happy Trails!

~Wandering Pine


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