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Say hello to the first ever, next-level pee cloth. It’s not an afterthought…it’s a piece of gear.

The first time I saw a Kula Cloth was on an Instagram post that my friend, Kim posted last year. It was hanging on her Christmas Tree as a decoration! Then I saw a few friends proudly displaying them on their packs…. and I had to know WHY a person needed a fancy, dedicated pee cloth and then loved it so much that they had to take a picture of it!  Anastasia, the founder of Kula cloth, sent me one to test out shortly after and I never went back.

The biggest thing I noticed right away, was the intentional design (it’s perfectly sized and CLOSES). It’s made of soft, absorbent, hi tech antimicrobial fabric; has a printed waterproof exterior and a handy loop to attach anywhere for easy access. Its been with me on the trail ever since!

This is a fun and practical gift for your outdoor-loving friends, and is a great way to start the leave no trace conversation. Kula just released a few brand new ‘Artist Series’ prints (with more on the way!) and has a ‘Kula for a Cause’ design that gives back to the community. Check out all of the new designs here!

img_8989Why use a Kula Cloth?

A dedicated pee cloth offers benefits that traditional toilet paper or a bandana do not. Leaving TP on the trail is a big no-no and can take a month or much longer to break down if its not exposed to the elements and left on the ground. This year, as a groundskeeper, I’ve cleaned up a LOT of TP…I wish everyone used a Kula, or packed it out.  Just a reminder, Leave No Trace practice is to pee at least 70 ft from the trail, 200 ft from a water source.  You can read more about leave no trace bathroom tips in my ‘Backcountry Hygeine:  How to Pee, Poop and Period like a Pro’ post.

Being able to hang my pee cloth open or closed is my favorite feature!  The biggest gripes I had when I started using a bandana last year, were that it was never accessible when I needed it, and then when I would set my frameless pack down, it would inevitably roll over and grind my pee cloth into the dirt.   Gross.   You also have to make sure not to confuse your pee bandana with your nose wiping bandana or your multi purpose bandana! Kula’s unique design helps with this too!

The only trouble I had with the Kula Cloth  at first, was figuring out the double snap closure.  But it took me all of a couple of seconds to figure out that you had to snap the loop first to make the closed option work and I was ready to go.



  • USA made and uses eco-friendly, non-toxic materials
  • Outer material is durable and waterproof
  • Black inner material has a soft absorbent texture
  • ‘Double snap’ design allows cloth to hang folded in half to keep dirt out and close the ‘wipe side’ or leave open to ‘sanitize’ in the sun.
  • Quick dry material/easy to clean
Kim and I with our Kulas.  Photo credit @ruthsbluemarble


  • 6 x 6 inches
  • .5 oz
  • Made with silver-infused, antimicrobial eco friendly non-toxic materials (Bamboo Viscose, Cotton, Organic Cotton, Polyester)
  • Absorbs 10x its weight in water
  • Hypoallergenic double snap for attachment loop and closure
  • Reflective thread for locating it at night with your headlamp
Finishing the Superior Hiking Trail

Field Testing

At the time of this review, I have field tested the Kula Cloth on nearly 600 miles and 100 days on the trail. It has become one of my most utilized pieces of gear and I clip it right back on my pack every time I wash it so it’s ready for the next adventure. I bring it everywhere, whether I’m backpacking on the Superior Hiking Trail or cleaning up around my favorite local trail (you never know if those porta potties will have TP).

Triple Kula Washing station on our last leg of the Superior Hiking Trail


  • Durability-Excellent: I have washed it by hand and in the washing machine numerous times and the stitching and structure have held up well.

img_9555Final Thoughts

Compared to a bandana or TP, the Kula cloth is a great way to reduce your use of toilet paper on the trail and it stays protected since you can snap it shut. And makes a fun and practical gift!

I have really come to appreciate this little piece of gear over the last 11 months, but the most unexpected benefit has been the community and conversations that have come out of displaying this fabric square on my pack or belt loop.   The word Kula means “community”, and I love that we have an intentionally designed piece of gear that reduces waste/litter, takes the taboo out of trail hygiene, and prompts conversations that are empowering and connecting people on the trail.  Plus their instagram account is full of positive, lighthearted content that always makes me smile.

I’d recommend the Kula Cloth to anyone who pees outside, and it’s a piece of gear that will continue to come along on all of my future adventures!

If you’ve read this whole review and still want to know why someone would ever want to use a pee rag instead of TP on the trail or are looking for other tips, check out my backcountry hygiene post. 


As hiking season slows, I’m thinking of writing more reviews since I’ve gotten a chance to really put my gear to the test this year. If you want to see more posts like this, or have a particular piece of gear you’d like to know more about shoot me a note in the comments. Do you use a Kula Cloth or have questions about it? Continue the conversation here or on the Wandering Pine Facebook Page

Happy Trails,



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4 thoughts on “Kula Cloth Gear Review!

  1. I love mine. It’s one of those I-never-knew-I-needed-it-but-now-I-cannot-live-without-it products. I’m a trail runner, and it’s frequently hanging from my hydration pack. It’s awesome to not have to worry about carrying (and carrying out) toilet paper.

  2. love the kula cloth.
    I’m transgender male to female and getting gender reassignment surgery to become a woman, my name will be katie. I go hiking alot and the biggest hassle with the gender change is going to the bathroom your method, which i have mastered. Having to squat behind a tree to pee takes some practice, but the biggest issue is no toilet paper to get dry agaun. so someone told me about the kula cloth and i oredered one and now always carry it on me.

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