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Awake at 3am with a headache. It didn’t rain last night-whew. Im hydrated, but I think my headache is from the wind kicking up stuff. Trying to go back to sleep… we have another 12-13 mile day ahead of us which is plenty on this steep section.

The rain started at noon, and we ended our day at 46°, 25mph winds, and a forecast of 2 more inches of rain. Monsoon!

-horseshoe ridge was as hard as they say it is. Lots of big climbs. -breakfast at horseshoe ridge campsite, nicely sheltered in the pine trees

-caught our last view of Lake Superior before the clouds rolled in for the day.

-crosby manitou was another tough spot, almost had to crawl and scramble up a few pitches with our hands but we enjoyed it!

-had lunch at lake benson under a big pine tree with sideways rain. I love my umbrella! Its been a windbreak and tent door on this trip, and so light!

-roadwalk helped us make up some time. The terrain leveled out after crosby but was a lot more technical in spots due to roots and mud. Our ankles feel it today.

-Made it to Blesner Creek campsite and the baptism river where our group of pals (THE THRIVE 5!) will stay tonight

-3:20 arrived at sonju and rejoiced.

-drove around for about an hour picking up the car etc and ended up at the hotel around 5

-the wind is howling and rain is coming down in sheets, driving is difficult.

-Handwashed some laundry and soaked our sore legs in the hot tub and cold pool (we washed our feet first!).

-best dinner at camp 61! Put those brisket tacos in my belly! Splurged on a Castle danger cream ale and lava cake too!

Triple Kula!

Our entire hotel room smells like a sweaty sock! Sorry Americinn, might want to leave the window open after we leave. Hiker trash!


*NOTE: Im posting trail notes when we find service. For more photos, stories about the first 250 miles, gear and other trail shenanigans, you can follow along here and click the Superior Hiking trail tab at the top of the page. Thanks for reading and Happy Trails!


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3 thoughts on “Superior Hiking Trail Teal Map| Day 3: West Caribou to Sonju

  1. Yikes! If you say it’s hard … happy yo hear you all stayed safe in the rain. Enjoy the rest of your hike!

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