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Got a late start but caught up with our new friends Susan and Ainsley on the trail. Made up time on two road walks but its still going to be hard to get in 18 miles before tonight.

Bear got stung by another hornet in the Hovland forest and has the trail name “hornet bait” today.

We both have blisters, my worst is on the bottom of my foot. As soon as I pop it, another one forms. Can’t figure out why Im getting one there!

We made it to Judge Magney State park and saw the Devil’s Kettle. Scientists claim to have figured out where the water goes but I like to still think its a mystery….or that there’s this geyser on the other side of the world that the water shoots out of!

Not to be confused with ‘evil’s kettle’ which has a much higher elevation at 11,700 feet.

We used the bathroom, rinsed out our socks, filled our water bottles, fixed our feet and headed back on the trail. About 5 minutes into it, we decided to turn back, scrapping the next 3.5 miles and just call it a night. Shortly after we grabbed the overflow backpacking site, Susan and Ainsley rolled in!

We shared our camp, and they showed me how to run a needle and thread through my blisters to keep them flat. I’ll spare you the picture, but it was a relief! My feet look pretty crazy right now!

The folks at Magney were great to us and a hot shower and picnic table were quite luxurious!

We have seen very few people hiking but met the NICEST people at camp. The ranger, camp host, other campers…they make the tough parts totally worth it.

Happy trails!

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9 thoughts on “Day 2: Judge Magney State Park

  1. CR Magney is a great State Park. Great section of trail ahead, except for the Lake Walk -I think it’s allowable to hike the shoulder of Hwy 61, which runs parallel to the trail, within 20-50 yds. 😉

  2. Hi Jen and Claire,
    We imagine you guys are miles ahead of us by now! We are thinking about you and will be checking up on your progress on your blog. It was so wonderful to meet you both. Wishing you all the best on the rest on your journey. The Hungry Hippy Hostel is fantastic! Great people, beautiful location and facilities.

  3. Following along Jen. Good luck on your journey! My hubby is heading up tomorrow evening to put in 3 long, hard days on the SHT. I’ve got a bum knee these days so I’ll be living vicariously thru both of you!

  4. Hang in there and keep taking care of those feet. If you have any liner socks, I highly recommend them for blister management.

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