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Each day I think I will wake up feeling better and stronger, but instead…a new part of my body hurts. This will pass, thankful for ibuprofen.   This trail is no joke.   Its all up and down with rocks and roots and we welcome the flat stretches when the come.

We said farewell to Susan and Ainsley this morning and hit the trail.

Day 3 was tough. We smashed the first 15 miles and I hobbled the last two into camp. I’ll spare you the blister photos.

IMG_3223We had a lot of elevation today but made up time on a few road walks. We opted out of the 2 mi lake walk section because we’re pretty sore, but we visited the shores and took in the crashing waves.

The alternate hike on hwy 61 was fun, we waved at a couple of cars and felt like cool backpackers.

Random giant mushroom on why 61!  The weather has been perfect on the trip. A couple of intermittent showers today but nothing bothersome. We are still chasing a few miles to get back on schedule and hope to get back on track soon.

My new trail name is red squirrel because the little critters keep running right in front of me on the trail.   We joke that they are our trail guides.

The coolest thing we saw today was a tie between the lavender colored mushrooms or the white flowers.   We agreed that we could have a blog or instagram account entirely dedicated to beautiful fungus on the SHT.

We were a little frazzled when we arrived to camp, but ran into people we knew! It was so fun to bump into Steph, Linda and Megan! They gave us their blister kits, the guys at camp filled our water at the creek and we felt so welcomed.

We are banking on getting our trail legs and making up some miles the next few days!

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