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Hike 52 starts now! We made it! Mom dropped us off at the Northern Terminus and we are excited to hit the trail! Not much time or reception for blogging but a longer post will follow after our trip with details on our route, etc.

Yay! The end of the SHT, and the beginning of our adventure!

270° overlook. Bear is pointing at Canada!

At the Hellacious Overlook–hellacious climbs, proceed many many gorgeous overlooks of Lake Superior, making it all worth it.

Within the first few miles, Bear got stung by a hornet coming into Andy Creek on our first boardwalk. The SHT page warns of the nest, but there’s really no way around it. I caught my feet on a tree hiding in the grass and did a face plant right afterward, the trail can be humbling.

Fall is coming! The leaves are just starting to turn and temps are perfect for hiking low 60s during the day, mid 40s at night.

The best part of the day was getting to share camp with our new friends Susan and Ainsley from New Orleans! These two ladies were a delight and we hope to see them again!

Happy Trails-

Wandering Pine and Bear

Trail Log:

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14 thoughts on “Day 1-Superior Hiking Trail Thru Hike

  1. Congrats on Day 1! So inspired by your thru hike goals and thoughtful preparation. Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures!

  2. Hello, hello… from the instant I opened your post, a big smile appeared on my face A beautiful day and the start of a wonderful adventure. I look forward to seeing/reading more. Have fun!

  3. Wonderful! Hope our paths cross. Traveling from Hot Springs, Arkansas next week. Will start at Martin Rd. heading NOBO for 8 days. Sparrow On a Trail (Karen Hall)

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  4. So happy you have enough signal and battery to share your adventures. I look forward to following your journey. Enjoy!

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