2019 Year in Review!

Happy 3rd Birthday to Wandering Pine!   Its fun to see how things have changed and to look back on the adventures from the previous years.  Here's a throwback to my very first post!   This year, I've hiked twice as much (104 hikes) and written half as much (30 posts).  The Saturday mornings that I used … Continue reading 2019 Year in Review!

Go Outside! How to Get Out and Stay Out

"GO OUTSIDE WITH THE REST OF THE WILD ANIMALS!!" -Mom Time to Hike! Last month at our "Unpacking Your Hiking Hesitations"  Clinic at Midwest Mountaineering, Ruth and I were asked a question: “How do you make time for hiking?” I responded almost automatically: “you make time for the things you love”.  But the minute those words … Continue reading Go Outside! How to Get Out and Stay Out

Hike 52: Our Superior Hiking Trail Route

Guess what came in the mail last Saturday, on National Public Lands Day?! My North Country Trail 100 mile Challenge Patch! The North Country Trail is a footpath that is 4,600 miles(7,400 km) long from Crown Point in eastern New York to Lake Sakakawea State Park in central North Dakota.  Thats almost as long as the … Continue reading Hike 52: Our Superior Hiking Trail Route

Crow Hassan Regional Park Group Hike

TRIP DETAILS LENGTH 17 miles of trails, we did 11.5 DIFFICULTY Easy, flat, sandy soil DATE  July 7, 2018 MAIN FEATURES  Horse trails, sunny prairies, forest, lake and river views. I'm experimenting with posting from my phone (via backyard hammock) for the first time so we'll see how this goes. Today's hike started early at Crow Hassan Regional Park … Continue reading Crow Hassan Regional Park Group Hike

Field Trip to Winona, MN | Home of Enlightened Equipment and Whitewater State Park

Most of my hikes in May started early with the sunrise.   When people ask me how I have time to hike, I tell them, you make time for the things you love to do...this means going to bed early and getting up before the sun sometimes.   Setting goals for myself such as the … Continue reading Field Trip to Winona, MN | Home of Enlightened Equipment and Whitewater State Park

A California Transplant’s Guide to Winter Layers

If you know how to layer, it’s never too cold to go outside. So here are a few tips, whether you are sub zero, sub 60 or completely buried in snow, to help ya get through the next cold snap.  

2017 Year in Review

On January 1st 2017, I started this blog, as a place to write about my outdoor adventures, learning experiences, failures and encourage others to get outside at any skill level. In 2017, I also challenged myself to ask, before starting or continuing various activities, "Does this make me feel strong? Or will this build strength?” … Continue reading 2017 Year in Review

Afton State Park

TRIP DETAILS  LENGTH 6.5 miles DIFFICULTY Easy to Moderate (hills) DATE  Sept 30, 2017 MAIN FEATURES  Training Hills, Prairies, Bluffs & the St Croix River I was a little surprised to see that I have not reviewed Afton State Park yet!  It's my go to park when I want some hills and variety of terrain without driving very far … Continue reading Afton State Park

Kinnickinnic & Willow River State Parks

TRIP DETAILS  LENGTH 4-8 miles (we did 4 miles in each park) DIFFICULTY Accessible for all abilities (Kinnickinnic), Hills!  (Willow River) DATE  May 13, 2017 MAIN FEATURES  Views of the St Croix River and a Waterfall/Swimming Hole Together again...Las Hermanas del Pino!  Hikes # 20 & 21 for the year started at Kinninckinnic State Park, just 10-15 scenic miles off of Hwy 94 … Continue reading Kinnickinnic & Willow River State Parks

52 Hike Challenge

Challenge accepted!  Just signed up for the 2017 52 Hike Challenge. If you are looking for a reason to get out more this year, get in shape or just brag about hiking 52 hikes...check it out! Lets go!  #52hikechallenge2017 #hike7 THE 52 HIKE CHALLENGE IS A GLOBAL MOVEMENT INSPIRING YOU TO TAKE A PERSONAL JOURNEY TO DISCOVER … Continue reading 52 Hike Challenge