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We’ve been back on the mainland for a few weeks, but the adventure continues!  

Last week, we were invited to be on a podcast based out of Michigan, called “Hike: explore|wander|live”! I have been on the show before talking about my SHT LASH (Superior Hiking Trail Long Amazing Section Hike), and it was so great to have a reason to get the squad back together. We were the first group to be interviewed in the show’s history and it is filled with laughter, stories of our adventure, some type 2 fun and more about our trip planning.  And if you listen closely…you might just hear howling in the background… It’s not a wolf or the spirit of Isle Royale, just my dog wanting to join the party! Available wherever you listen to your podcasts.

I also edited our TWO HOURS of trip footage down to a 20 minute you tube video that just published!   This covers our transportation, campsites, some wildlife encounters and day to day camp and trail life. I pulled out the watercolor footage and plan to publish a separate post and short video on my field painting kit and what a joy it brought me each day on the trail. 

Below are the links to the our  trip report, gear post and videos all in one handy spot in case you are planning a trip of your own.  Bonus: I made a cameo appearance in the Isle Royale Old Time Hawkey video – it was nice to meet these fellas at Daisy Farm and their video is worth checking out!


Trip Video – Rock Harbor to Windigo!

Trip Report– Rock Harbor to Windigo!

Gear List – What I brought on our 5 day trip!

Gear Video – Unpacked on the Isle

Hike Podcast: The Wandering Squad!

Old Time Hawkey– Watercolor Cameo (8:09)

Are you heading to the island?  Drop us a note, we’d love to answer any questions about our trip.  

Happy Trails!

The wandering squad:

Trail Mom, Prank(ie), The Goat, Tinklebelle & Wandering Pine


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