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My heart has been heavy and the things I would normally write about here have felt irrelevant during this time of upheaval and sorrow. The killing of George Floyd has become a catalyst for change, felt around the world, exposing systemic racism and police brutality in a way that can no longer be ignored…all in the midst of a global pandemic. History is being written before our eyes and like many people, I am taking this time to pause, actively listen, learn, and reflect. 

I had an opportunity to visit George Floyd’s memorial with my youngest son this morning. This now sacred space, that I had only seen on the news was filled with remembrance, sadness, love, families, make shift vegetable gardens in the street, and music. We had meaningful conversations to and from the memorial, and I’m grateful that we were able to pay our respects and experience it together.

As a white middle aged woman, I have my own personal work to do to dismantle systemic racism and find the best ways to educate, elevate and activate towards bringing positive change. We are all in different places on this journey and it’s easy to get caught in the trap of comparing yourself to others, feeling like your actions don’t matter and disengaging. I don’t have the solution, but, we all have an opportunity right now to use our creativity, money, and talents to help build an equitable and just society, let’s use them! Educating yourself and donating time and money to your community and Black owned businesses is a good place to start.

Every person can make a difference and small actions can add up to big changes if we all commit to doing them together. If you’re waiting to do everything perfectly, don’t wait, start small and work from there. I say this about caring for the planet and it rings true here as well.

We Hike to Heal

Hiking and getting outside is one way that I find healing and joy. We need joy in times of grief and suffering, even when it feels foreign. It’s good for our body, mind and spirit and brings healing. After a couple of weeks off trail, I spent some time hiking at a new spot in southern MN with some dear friends last weekend and it brightened my spirits. It was good to be together in nature, and finally go camping, but I also enjoyed some peaceful time alone. I am looking forward to sharing about that trip in a future post.

If you are looking for an opportunity to experience healing time in nature, there is a #wehiketoheal event coming up next week (June 21-27, 2020) hosted by Outdoor Journal Tour called Honoring Black Healing. “This will be a week of honoring Black healing through sharing stories, interactive activities and guided journaling. We look forward to healing with you!” I’m looking forward to participating and hope you will consider joining and supporting their work as well!

Today is also Juneteenth! I’m learning about this historic holiday and why it’s important for all Americans. If you are not already celebrating, I encourage you learn more about it, and find ways to engage. I’ll share a link below along with some other resources I have been learning from. Please feel free to share yours as well.

Let us love with actions and truth,



Outdoor Journal Tour #wehiketoheal – “Honoring Black Healing”

Why Juneteenth is Important for America-video

White Fragility – Robin DiAngelo

21 Day Racial Equity Challenge

Seeing White – Season 3 Scene on Radio Podcast

A Good Time for the Truth: Race in Minnesota – edited by Sun Yung Shin

Me and White Supremacy: Combat Racism, Change the World and Be a Good Ancestor- Lela Saad

Hands On Twin Cities – Your source for doing good and building a better community


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