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“I want to think again of dangerous and noble things.
I want to be light and frolicsome.
I want to be improbable beautiful and afraid of nothing,
as though I had wings.”

― Mary Oliver

fullsizeoutput_3005“Defending My Joy” is a term I have been using for the last few years whenever I have to take action to keep things positive.   Not to be confused with “Sparking Joy”, which is totally cool too, but this is different.   I’m taking about protecting and defending your joy—as an act of resistance.   I wrote a little bit about it last year, and it’s something that I am constantly unpacking.   But the latter half of this post will give you some silly and fun examples of ways I’ve found joy during the coldest winter months in Minnesota, and I hope it will bring you some joy as well.

I don’t know if we made up the phrase “defend your joy”, but I recall a conversation with my best friend on a hike at Fort Snelling when I was going through some tough life stuff 3 or 4 years ago.   I was worried that I was burning the candle at both ends and that the strategy of playing and loving proportionally harder when life’s challenges came my way was just going to blow up in my face one day.   We decided that it was my best defense, my superpower…a boundary that was worth defending…and that the action of pushing harder into joy when life gives you a handful of poop, is more than just ‘thinking positively’, it is a purposeful, disciplined strike….an act of resistance.

Disclaimer:   I am not a psychologist, life coach, your mother or really have any business giving you life advice and I certainly don’t have it figured out.   But here’s what working for me, maybe you already do this too?  Life can be hard and overwhelming sometimes, don’t be afraid to do what you need to do to take care of yourself (remember my helmet?).   Get help, go outside, find that little thing that brings you joy, hold onto it….and defend it with all you’ve got!

So, with defending joy in mind, here are a few videos of some playful activities besides hiking , camping and snowshoeing that I have done this winter that still fill my heart every time I look back on them.  Enjoy!

Make a Cloud!

-40 degrees with the Windchill this day.   Boil a small pot of water and throw it out your backdoor to see what happens!   My friends in India thought this was the most mind-boggling thing and want to try it when they visit!

Frozen Long Johns!

Same subzero day.   Soak your clothing in water and watch it freeze standing up in 3 minutes!   I laughed at this one for a long time.   The dog wouldn’t stop barking at “the intruder in our yard”, so I had to go back out and move “it” out of her sight. IMG_0560ED7A1CCB-1

My neighbors got a good chuckle out of it and the Boy Scouts of America marketing guy who visited last Fall wrote to make sure I wasn’t frozen solid and featured it on the BSA instagram page!

Play on the Trail!

We need more dancing..all year round!  Plus, It’ll keep you warm and embarrass your children!  I also think we need more stopping to goof around, more time to be light and frolicsome (as Mary Oliver says), more time looking at the details and more snow angels.  Way more snow angels.

Roof Raking Mindfulness!

I love raking my roof just as much as I hate water leaking into my kitchen.   I have found joy in this task by slowing my breathing, making deliberate movements and watching the snow cascade down my roof.   Hey!   Some people have those little sand zen gardens, I have a roof of snow…..it’s all how you look at it!

IMG_3890.JPGHappy Light!

My light therapy light’s name is “Lampy”.   Its the first winter I have used one, and I’m only sitting in front of it right now because I got it at a garage sale.   But, getting sunlight or sun-like light is a legit prescription for the winter blues.   It’s great for reading, AND it makes for an awesome photo light, feel free to take a selfie while you are getting your 20 minutes of therapeutic light!

Here are a couple of other thoughts I will leave you with:

How wonderful is it that we laugh because out bodies cannot contain the joy?


Don’t let someone dim your light simply because its shining in their eyes.


Hang in there!   Winter won’t last forever, and soon we’ll be complaining about the heat!

How do you defend your joy?


13 thoughts on “Defend Your Joy! 5 Winter Amusements to Try Before Spring!

  1. I’m sick of roof raking… one more time though, before I leave town to chase winter buffalo!

    1. I just came in from raking 1-2 feet of heavy snow off the garage…whew! I had to do it in layers, so it was like raking 4 times. Tell me about these winter buffalo?

  2. Custer State Park in the Black Hills, the SD Badlands and Pine Ridge Reservation -buffalo (aka American Bison), pronghorn antelope, big horn sheep, bobcats, coyotes, eagles and hawks, and no rattlesnakes and not many people… ‘cuz it’s too cold!

  3. I have clinical depression. I take meds for it, but there are many days when I have to actively keep myself out of depression’s shadow. “Defending my joy.” I love this! It doesn’t snow at my elevation, but I still got a giggle from this post.

    1. Im so glad you have found ways to get out of that shadow and got a giggle out of this post. Depression is a tough road and I commend you for getting help and taking care of yourself. Defend your joy!!

  4. I really love the idea of defending my joy, and I’ve been using it too!

    My word this year is WHOLEHEARTED and I have different things I’m focused on each month to embrace wholeheartedness. The last one is laughter, song, and dance. I haven’t really embraced that since I was a wee little gal, so I’ll be looking to you for some sweet song and dance moves come December.

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