How to Enjoy Winter….just embrace it, they said…

It is currently -16 degrees, -32 degrees with the windchill as I write this. One of the things I've come to love about Minnesotans is their fondness for talking about the weather. Re-visitng my journey towards learning to love winter and rounding up some of my best winter posts was a fun to do over a hot cup of coffee on this cold morning. I hope these stories inspire you to keep venturing outside without worrying about freezing your buns off.

Defend Your Joy! 5 Winter Amusements to Try Before Spring!

“Defending My Joy” is a term I have been using for the last few years whenever I have to take action to keep things positive. Protecting and defending your joy is an act of resistance. This post shares some fun and silly examples of ways I’ve found joy during some of the coldest and snowiest Winters in Minnesota. I hope it will bring you a smile as well!