Crescent Moon EVA Foam Snowshoe Gear Review

As a lover of both snowshoeing and design, I have been following the development of the first EVA foam snowshoe for about a year.  They have a very different look and construction compared to a traditional metal or plastic snowshoe, and the binding is greatly simplified.   In talking to the President and co-founder of Crescent … Continue reading Crescent Moon EVA Foam Snowshoe Gear Review

‘Instructions for Living a Life’ and Snowshoeing at Moose Lake State Park!

TRIP DETAILS  LENGTH 2 mile Hiking Club Trail DIFFICULTY Easy DATE  Dec 28, 2018 MAIN FEATURES  Wooded loop through rolling hills, views of a Wildlife Pond You may remember my post from Moose Lake State Park last 4th of July.   Back then the park was bursting with happy campers and families celebrating their 4th of July traditions a the … Continue reading ‘Instructions for Living a Life’ and Snowshoeing at Moose Lake State Park!

Exploring the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge and 5 LNT Tips During the Government Shutdown

Read about our January thaw hike at Minnesota Valley Wildlife refuge! Learn some Leave No Trace Tips to help keep our wild spaces preserved, and check out an initial review of the Kula Cloth: the highly technical, one of a kind, reusable pee cloth!

Hiking Minnesota National Wildlife Refuge: Nine Mile Creek

TRIP DETAILS  LENGTH 5.5 miles DIFFICULTY Easy DATE  Jan 6, 2018 MAIN FEATURES Flat trail with views of the river and 9 mile creek. Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1976 to provide habitat for a large number of migratory waterfowl, fish, and other wildlife species threatened by commercial and industrial development, and to provide environmental education, … Continue reading Hiking Minnesota National Wildlife Refuge: Nine Mile Creek

A California Transplant’s Guide to Winter Layers

If you know how to layer, it’s never too cold to go outside. So here are a few tips, whether you are sub zero, sub 60 or completely buried in snow, to help ya get through the next cold snap.  

2017 Year in Review

On January 1st 2017, I started this blog, as a place to write about my outdoor adventures, learning experiences, failures and encourage others to get outside at any skill level. In 2017, I also challenged myself to ask, before starting or continuing various activities, "Does this make me feel strong? Or will this build strength?” … Continue reading 2017 Year in Review

Hike 52: Eagle Mountain-BWCA!

TRIP DETAILS  LENGTH 7 miles roundtrip DIFFICULTY Moderate DATE  December 9, 2017 MAIN FEATURES Highest Point in MN, Amazing views of the BWCA Wilderness, No wind, no rain Or winters cold can stop me, 'Cause you are my goal. There ain't no mountain high enough Ain't no valley low enough Ain't no river wide enough To keep me from getting to … Continue reading Hike 52: Eagle Mountain-BWCA!