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I’ve done a packing Demo for my Scouts for the last 3 years and every year, it gets easier.  Next week I get to do a Backpacking Demo for a room full of regional Scout leaders!  (They pack the heaviest).

Here’s a 38 second packing video I made as I was getting my gear ready for the demo and next weekend’s Scout campout.  You are looking at 5-6 days of food packed for a solo trip without sharing any gear.   I still came in just under 35lbs.  Yay!  I know that’s not the lightest, but I’ve got a super comfy pack and some creature comforts to still enjoy.

The packing list for what’s in my pack is in the Isle Royale post if you want a closer look.

Here are a couple of deep thoughts from friends who helped me when I was getting started:

  1. Skills are lighter than gear.  ~Cliff Jacobson
  2. Fear is heavy ~Hiking Dude
  3. Get a smaller pack, and you won’t pack as much!  ~John C.

Thanks guys!

Happy trails!


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