This morning began at 5:30 am (no idea why I woke up so early), with a plethora of computer issues that probably won’t be figured out for a few days.  I meant to do yoga and instead chugged through the technical issues and >Poof< a revamped Wandering Pine page!  Well, it’s updated anyway.


I don’t have a hike planned until tomorrow but after a morning of being glued to a screen, it’s time to go!

I read this story about a year ago and it speaks to one of the reasons I must go, why sometimes it just feels so urgent, like medicine, like…I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

There is a Hasidic story about a girl who left the synagogue each morning during her daily prayers to go into the woods. One day her grandfather followed her and watched as she davvened (prayed) amid the animals and trees.
“Why do you go outside to pray?” he asked.
“When I am in nature I feel closer to God” the girl replied.
“Don’t you know that God is the same everywhere?”
“I know”, said the girl,
“But I am not”

Wishing you the best today… time outside with the sun shining on your face and being changed when you are with your Creator in the Wild.

Happy Trails!



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