Winter Camp, An Annual Holiday Tradition!

A couple of weeks ago I flooded the Wandering Pine Instagram page with snowshoeing photos after the Minnesota Monthly Magazine Feature hoping to make it snow before camp!   I'm still waiting for a good old fashioned blizzard to kick off Snowshoeing season as I write this, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun outside!   … Continue reading Winter Camp, An Annual Holiday Tradition!

Backpacking on the North Shore – Part 1: Testing My New Pack and SHT Packing List!

I'm still mentally and spiritually unpacking my trip to the North Shore of Lake Superior.   It was so beautiful, I'm at a bit of a loss for words, but they will eventually come.  So, lucky for you, this will be a two part post! One of the first things I did when I decided … Continue reading Backpacking on the North Shore – Part 1: Testing My New Pack and SHT Packing List!

10 Winter Hacks to Keep You Warm

Expanding on my previous post,  The California Transplant's Guide to Winter Layers,  here's a quick list of 10 hacks and skills to help you stay warm this winter!

A California Transplant’s Guide to Winter Layers

If you know how to layer, it’s never too cold to go outside. So here are a few tips, whether you are sub zero, sub 60 or completely buried in snow, to help ya get through the next cold snap.  

My First Winter Camping Experience aka ‘The coldest night of my life’

I was a new Scout Leader, and knew nothing about winter camping but enthusiastically volunteered to coordinate a winter overnight as a camping merit badge requirement. From there, I led my first backpacking trip the following summer without any experience.  Powered by this same enthusiasm and thirst for wilderness knowledge, we trekked to Glacier National Park.  Lots of learning and we've  survived every adventure since!