In March of 2020, I planted a lemon seed from my morning tea to see if it would grow.  That little seed grew and grew into a tree and gave me so much hope in a time of uncertainty.  It still grows in the window of my painting studio today.  I hope this lil pandemic lemon brings you joy!

Watercolor Print

Size 5×7



Watercolor Print

Size 5×7

Thoughtfully reproduced on 100# uncoated felt weave paper made with 30% post consumer fiber, chlorine-free and non-hazardous inks at a 100% carbon neutral locally owned Minneapolis area print shop.


Printed reproduction of original watercolor painting by Jen Theisen

© 2022 Wandering Pine LLC This artwork may not be reproduced, reprinted or resold in any way. 

Additional information

Weight .089 kg
Dimensions 8 × 10 × .10 in

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