NEW CLASS! December 9, 2021

This class is perfect for students of all levels. Great for beginners & artists who may be feeling stuck.

Join Jen Theisen for a blind or pure contour drawing and painting class that focuses on resting the mind and building observation skills. No prior art experience required.

This two step creative process encourages the mind to slow down and focus on what it is observing at the present moment. We will begin with teaching the basics of Blind or Pure Contour Drawing: a way to build hand-eye coordination, focus on drawing from the right or creative side of the brain and build intuitive observation skills.

The second part of our process will be using color to express our creativity in the drawings and that we create. This process gives the left or rational side of the brain a little rest and can be helpful if you are feeling stuck or are over thinking potential subject matter. This relaxing and meditative process can be done quickly as a warm up in an existing art practice, as part of your morning or evening routine and any time you need to reset your focus.

Full class description and Eventbrite registration here

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