Hike 52: Eagle Mountain-BWCA!

TRIP DETAILS  LENGTH 7 miles roundtrip DIFFICULTY Moderate DATE  December 9, 2017 MAIN FEATURES Highest Point in MN, Amazing views of the BWCA Wilderness, No wind, no rain Or winters cold can stop me, 'Cause you are my goal. There ain't no mountain high enough Ain't no valley low enough Ain't no river wide enough To keep me from getting to … Continue reading Hike 52: Eagle Mountain-BWCA!

Hike 52 Adventure Part 1 – Lake Superior

"Those who have never seen Superior get an inadequate idea by hearing it spoken of as a lake Superior is a sea It breeds storms and rain and fog like a sea. It is cold, masterful, and dreaded." -Rev. George Grant, 1872 If you have been following along on the 2017 Wandering Pine journey, you … Continue reading Hike 52 Adventure Part 1 – Lake Superior

My First Winter Camping Experience aka ‘The coldest night of my life’

I was a new Scout Leader, and knew nothing about winter camping but enthusiastically volunteered to coordinate a winter overnight as a camping merit badge requirement. From there, I led my first backpacking trip the following summer without any experience.  Powered by this same enthusiasm and thirst for wilderness knowledge, we trekked to Glacier National Park.  Lots of learning and we've  survived every adventure since!

Winter Fun at the Luminary Loppet

This weekend is the LOPPET...this Scandinavian word, like 'Uff Dah', always brings a smile to my face.  One of my all-time favorite winter traditions is the Luminary Loppet which is held on a  frozen Lake of the Isles in the heart of Uptown Minneapolis.   The Luminary Loppet is hard to describe, it's a little like being … Continue reading Winter Fun at the Luminary Loppet