The 10 Essentials – What’s In My Pack

The first time I'd heard of the 10 essentials was in our son's Boy Scout Handbook.   It was this succinct list of survival items that every Scout should have on outdoor adventures in case of an emergency.  Both of our boys assembled their items, and stowed them in their packs (just in case).   Eventually, I … Continue reading The 10 Essentials – What’s In My Pack

Superior Hiking Trail Databook Review

Review of the brand new Superior Hiking Trail Databook and the tools that I used to plan my Superior Hiking Trail Thru Hike, turned Long Amazing Section Hike

From Minnesota, With Love: Supporting Local Gear Companies

Minnesota's Governor issued a two week 'Stay at Home' order that starts today.  I feel fortunate to have already been working from home for 17 days, but half of my household will continue to go out to their workplaces each day.  My last post talked about some of the ways I am staying grounded and … Continue reading From Minnesota, With Love: Supporting Local Gear Companies

Groundskeeping Season is Here!

The great thaw is upon us here in Minnesota, which the means Winter's trash is making  it's BIG reveal and it's time to kick off Groundskeeping season!  In case you missed it, or you are new to this space...  I am part of a team of amazing humans who are committed to leaving public spaces … Continue reading Groundskeeping Season is Here!

Kula Cloth Gear Review!

Say hello to the first ever, next-level pee cloth. It's not an's a piece of gear. The first time I saw a Kula Cloth was on an Instagram post that my friend, Kim posted last year. It was hanging on her Christmas Tree as a decoration! Then I saw a few friends proudly displaying … Continue reading Kula Cloth Gear Review!

Tick Prevention on the Trail

I remember finding a wood tick stuck on the hairline of my neck over 30 years ago when I first moved to Minnesota.   I was a teenager from Southern California and didn't even know what a tick was!   Its the only time I've ever had an attached tick and can still feel it... Today's post … Continue reading Tick Prevention on the Trail

Crescent Moon EVA Foam Snowshoe Gear Review

As a lover of both snowshoeing and design, I have been following the development of the first EVA foam snowshoe for about a year.  They have a very different look and construction compared to a traditional metal or plastic snowshoe, and the binding is greatly simplified.   In talking to the President and co-founder of Crescent … Continue reading Crescent Moon EVA Foam Snowshoe Gear Review

Exploring the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge and 5 LNT Tips During the Government Shutdown

Read about our January thaw hike at Minnesota Valley Wildlife refuge! Learn some Leave No Trace Tips to help keep our wild spaces preserved, and check out an initial review of the Kula Cloth: the highly technical, one of a kind, reusable pee cloth!