Wheal n’ Flare!  My Dance with Hiker’s Rash.

First, let me state what you should already know.   I AM NOT A DOCTOR and ANYTHING that I share here is only based on my personal experience and you should consult your physician for ANY medical issue….NOT this blog. The being said, let’s talk about Hikers Rash aka Disney Rash, Golfers Vasculitis and Exercise Induced … Continue reading Wheal n’ Flare!  My Dance with Hiker’s Rash.

5 Things I Learned This Week

I usually write about trails and parks I've visited, but this week, I'm highlighting a few useful things that I learned off the trail.  Each of these could probably be a post on their own. Last week I met the one and only Keith Myrmel, gave a Boy Scout a tampon to stick up his nose, … Continue reading 5 Things I Learned This Week

Crow Hassan Regional Park Group Hike

TRIP DETAILS LENGTH 17 miles of trails, we did 11.5 DIFFICULTY Easy, flat, sandy soil DATE  July 7, 2018 MAIN FEATURES  Horse trails, sunny prairies, forest, lake and river views. I'm experimenting with posting from my phone (via backyard hammock) for the first time so we'll see how this goes. Today's hike started early at Crow Hassan Regional Park … Continue reading Crow Hassan Regional Park Group Hike

Moose Lake State Park

TRIP DETAILS  LENGTH 2 mile hiking club trail (can be increased to 6) DIFFICULTY Easy with rolling hills DATE  July 4, 2018 MAIN FEATURES  Sunny meadows, tall pine forests, swimming beach My morning started with cajoling my teenagers to come outside and play.   It was too hot, they were too tired and they had friends to see.   … Continue reading Moose Lake State Park