“How wonderful is it that we laugh because out bodies cannot contain the joy?”


The theme of Joy and defending it has been on my mind a lot in the last year.  In this time, I have worked to create a discipline of finding my joy and pressing hard into it.

IMG_6538Even the tiniest sliver of joy can make all the difference in your own life or someone else’s.  Pay attention to and collect the tiny joys, they are more precious than any negative thing.

Hiking is one of those joys I protect and defend because it makes me feel strong. Contrary to my Instagram feed, I do not live outside.   I work in a cubicle, juggle a busy family life and deal with the normal day to day stuff.  Finding my joy and defending it has been a wonderful way to celebrate life, cultivate hope and ultimately build confidence.

With joy comes hope….and peace, which makes us strong (Rom 15:13).

Not Italy…somewhere in Chicago, where a random leaning tower of Pisa replica stands.

What brings you joy?  How do you defend and protect the things that bring you joy?

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, seek your joy and defend it with all you’ve got!



2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Joy

  1. Hiking brings me joy too, but I have a hard time defending it; especially the last few months with the weather being bad. Not everyone understands that hiking in the snow/rain and cold can still bring me joy.

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