52 Hike Challenge

Challenge accepted!  Just signed up for the 2017 52 Hike Challenge. If you are looking for a reason to get out more this year, get in shape or just brag about hiking 52 hikes...check it out! Lets go!  #52hikechallenge2017 #hike7 THE 52 HIKE CHALLENGE IS A GLOBAL MOVEMENT INSPIRING YOU TO TAKE A PERSONAL JOURNEY TO DISCOVER … Continue reading 52 Hike Challenge

Charles A. Lindbergh State Park

TRIP DETAILS  LENGTH 2.5 miles DIFFICULTY Easy DATE  May 27, 2016 MAIN FEATURES  Pink Trilliums and Historic Lindbergh landing site Woke up this Friday of Memorial Day weekend, got the kids off to school, made a huge to-do list for myself and then decided to BURN IT DOWN (metaphorically, of course) and grab another Hiking Club Trail.  Woke up a … Continue reading Charles A. Lindbergh State Park

Sakatah Lake State Park

TRIP DETAILS  LENGTH 2.5 miles DIFFICULTY Easy, a few rolling hills DATE  February 12, 2017 MAIN FEATURES  Ice, ice baby.  Biking and paddling in the Summer. Sakatah State Park is an 842 acre wilderness area on the shore of Sakatah Lake.  The Hiking Club trail and other trails in the park are fairly short, but you will have access to … Continue reading Sakatah Lake State Park

Cascade River State Park

TRIP DETAILS  LENGTH 3.5 miles DIFFICULTY Moderate-steep incline up to Lookout Mountain DATE  February 17, 2017 MAIN FEATURES  Lookout Mountain, SHT, Cascade Falls After our morning trek to Judge CR Magney State Park, we headed south to Cascade River State Park.  This park is just south of Grand Marais and has a great view of Lake Superior the whole way.  This … Continue reading Cascade River State Park

Judge CR Magney State Park

TRIP DETAILS  LENGTH 3 miles DIFFICULTY Moderate-Hilly, with steep overlooks DATE  February 17, 2017 MAIN FEATURES  Devil's Kettle, Brule River This weekend we took a trip to Grand Marais to enjoy two more Hiking Club Trails in the snow, see frozen waterfalls and log some more miles on the Superior Hiking Trail! Judge CR Magney State Park was about a 20 … Continue reading Judge CR Magney State Park

Grand Marais!

The snow has melted and it's supposed to hit 60 degrees this weekend, so we headed up to Grand Marais in hopes of hiking a few more Hiking Club trails and dusting off our snowshoes.  We ran around the Grand Marais Harbor yesterday afternoon and enjoyed the town.  Ben Franklin, the fish taco at Hughie's … Continue reading Grand Marais!


Today is the 107th Birthday of the Boy Scouting movement in America.  As a seasoned scout leader, I spent more time reflecting on what it truly means to be a Scout today than I have in the past.  I woke up bound and determined to do a good turn and dutifully post it on social media, hash tagging … Continue reading #likeascout

Luminary Loppet

This weekend is the LOPPET...this Scandinavian word, like 'Uff Dah', always brings a smile to my face.  One of my all-time favorite winter traditions is the Luminary Loppet which is held on a  frozen Lake of the Isles in the heart of Uptown Minneapolis.   The Luminary Loppet is hard to describe, it's a little like being … Continue reading Luminary Loppet

Getting Started

Often people will tell me they want to get into hiking but aren't sure where to start.  Many of them are parents with little ones or those who just haven't been out in a while. If that’s you, or you are just looking for a place to start, here are a couple of tips and locations. … Continue reading Getting Started

Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park

TRIP DETAILS  LENGTH 5 miles DIFFICULTY Easy and accessible for all abilities DATE  April 3, 2016 MAIN FEATURES  Coon Rapids Dam, Bald eagles and accessibility for all abilities Three Hikes in one week! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty stoked that the weather has been so great! Today’s featured local hike is Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park … Continue reading Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park

Elm Creek Park Reserve

TRIP DETAILS  LENGTH 7 miles DIFFICULTY Easy and accessible for all abilities DATE  May 1, 2016 MAIN FEATURES  Trail Unicorns! Hope you all got outside this weekend and got your boots dirty! We were at Elm Creek Park Reserve  again yesterday, all 17 of us! We did a solid 5 miler about a week ago and returned for a 7 … Continue reading Elm Creek Park Reserve

Crow-Hassan Park Reserve

TRIP DETAILS  LENGTH 7.5 miles DIFFICULTY Easy to moderate DATE  May 14, 2016 MAIN FEATURES  Horseback riding, close proximity to greater Minneapolis area This week’s hike took us just a short drive out of the city to Crow –Hassan Park Reserve in Rogers, MN! Crow-Hassan was recommended to me because it is one of the most “wild” of the … Continue reading Crow-Hassan Park Reserve

Savanna Portage State Park

TRIP DETAILS  LENGTH 5.5 miles DIFFICULTY Easy to moderate DATE  April 23, 2016 MAIN FEATURES  Historic Savanna Portage passageway Today's hike took us up to McGregor MN, Savanna Portage State Park! We grabbed the pup and headed up North to hit Hiking Club trail #20!  As we got closer to the park, we were struck at how quickly the … Continue reading Savanna Portage State Park