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    1. Hello. I either rehydrate my backpacking meals with cold or warm water. I use the cozy (or metallic insulated bag) with a freezer bag, pre-packaged meal bag or other reusable bag for hot food to keep the contents warm as the hot water rehydrates it. I just started using the Talenti container with cold soak (or cold water rehydrating) meals. The plastic will melt (or soften) if you put hot water in it, but its very light weight, has a tight seal. The idea is that you can pour cold water in your lunch meal and hike around while it rehydrates without worrying about it leaking. That being said…I kind of miss peanut butter and tortillas and am not totally sold on cold soaking. Needs more testing and maybe a little more food variety before I decide. 🙂 Happy trails!

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